Church App

Use this app to join a local online Christian community or connect and engage live/online with your church and it’s members worldwide.

$ 10

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  • No easy way to connect or engage live and online with your Church and its members. Church attendance has fallen by as much as 50% following Covid-19 pandemic (Forbes).
  • No easy way for new Christians to learn more about Christianity from a local or global online Christian community.
  • Most churches do not have easy payment/giving options. 26-54% of churchgoers prefer an easy and secure way to give online to traditional giving options (Subsplash).


  • An android, iOS, and web platform Christianity App for Christian communities, Christian churches, and Christian entities.
  • Easy, fast, and secure ways to give offerings, pay tithes, and make donations.
  • Free online Christian community App + Very affordable Church App for churches and Christian entities (All-in-one)